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Serenity Airways is a private jet flight company for individuals and companies. We serve the 4 corners of the world and have aircraft with multiple capacities. We are specialized in high security of persons and objects. Serenity Airways offers you the peace of mind to travel from any part of the world including sensitive areas.

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    We organize your comfort and luxury business charters. Management team or CEO: Serenity Airways sets up the organization & the follow-up of your trip operations.


    Luxury services

    We organize your travel from start to finish: private flights, hotel rooms and on-site services, activities, through a single point of contact.



    Group travel ? Traveling sports teams, celebrities or any other group? Serenity Airways organizes your group charter for any capacity.



    Do you wish to have a sick or injured person travel under appropriate medical circumstances? Serenity Airways organizes your trip by jet ambulance.



    A meeting you can’t miss?
    An exclusive trip to a destination near or far? Book your private flight and enjoy luxury comfort.



    Reliable shipment of goods

    or valuables in short time worldwide?


    Our specialty:
    security of goods & persons

    Serenity Airways is composed of a team entirely dedicated to the security of goods and people. Are you a political or threatened person? We have a security team formerly in the high forces of order of the state, which is at your disposal for your safety. We also have armored vehicles and equipment. Our services are guaranteed confidential!


    At Serenity Airways, our vision and mission are the foundation of a company that offers you more than service: serenity.


    Our vision is to offer a high quality 360° service in order to satisfy all our customers whatever their horizon or sector: celebrities, high level sportsmen & women, businessmen & women, insurance companies, embassies, logistics companies, VIP travelers etc. We offer the serenity of traveling in peace and quiet without worrying about the details for which our teams are proactively in action to implement them with quality, rigor & without delay.


    Our mission is to meet the needs of international clients with high value services, fully customized to your needs and with security.


    We continue to create quality partnerships in the international market and meet strict needs and requirements. We want to offer the best value and services to be your best partner in the market.

    Our employees & partners are our priority. Our goal is to continue to make them passionate about their mission, enthusiastic and in the challenge to offer always better!


    A company dedicated to you

    At Serenity Airways, we are dedicated to our customers. We operate a multitude of dedicated jet flights for a wide range of clients: private charters, group charters, cargo charters, ambulance charters, travel & leisure charters. According to your profile and your needs, we create the customized service that will satisfy all your needs & desires.

    • 7/24 SERVICE
      Your jet charter flight is organised from end to end with all the services you require (comfort, security, special meals etc.)
    • Security & privacy
      Serenity Airways guarantees you security & privacy during your flight.
    • GLOBAL
      We serve all countries and continents including sensitive areas.
    • 360° SERVICE
      We respond to all your requests with our concierge service.

    24/7 SERVICE


    +352 661 112 043



    The price of a flight varies only according to the taxes linked to the number of passengers. All other costs remain fixed.

    The price per flight hour varies from 2,500€ for small capacity aircraft to 15,000€ for large capacity aircraft. A flight from Luxembourg to Toulon (return) costs for example between 12,000€ and 15,000€. A family flight (2 adults + 2 children)? With our latest generation twin-engine propeller aircraft, we can offer you a flight for less than 10,000€.

    Prices may vary depending on the following:

    • Aircraft type and size
    • Travel distance
    • Availability of aircraft
    • Landing and handling fees at the airport such as parking & handling
    • Repositioning costs
    • Refuelling costs
    • Passenger taxes
    • Baggage allowance
    • Crew salaries

    Private jets are equipped with the latest technology and often have more advanced technology than commercial airliners. It is difficult to say whether private jets are safer than commercial airliners but it is reasonable to say that they have a similar level of safety.

    The maintenance of private jets is subject to the same aviation safety regulations as commercial airliners. Your crew knows what they are doing and you will be in good hands.

    Private jet flights are necessary for example in the following cases:

    • You need to get somewhere urgently on a tight schedule
    • You need to reach a remote destination or one not served by standard airlines
    • You are a public figure or a person requiring extra security
    • Your working hours are greater than the cost of a private jet charter

    If the runway is tarmac (with the exception of the Pilatus PC-24), and an adequate runway length, then the simple answer is yes. There are some airfields, such as military airports or large commercial airports (such as London Heathrow) where private jets cannot land unless it is due to an emergency.

    Yes, however the weapons will be locked up for the duration of the flight. A strict and rigorous procedure is in place to ensure safety and security around the airport and aircraft.

    Yes, we provide security for people or property when a flight is not required for our clients

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      * * Have more than one destination to reach? Add it to the next step of the form or call us directly on +352 661 414 307

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      * After sending request our manager will contact you for more details about charter.


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