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A meeting you can’t miss? A last minute trip organised by private jet? A sports team to charter for an event? Do you want to avoid queues and check-ins at the airport? With our private charter flight services, you can meet your business or leisure travel needs in the fastest and most convenient way for you and your comfort. Serenity Airways focuses on two very important aspects: the serenity of travelling with peace of mind and the availability of innovative modular services. You are at the center of our attention.

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Types of private aircraft

Light Jets

Light jets are probably the type of aircraft most suitable for serving the purpose of an air taxi.

Our light jet fleet is very popular for charter flights all over Europe: it consists of several Cessna Citation Jets, able to seat between 5 and 7 passengers in a comfortable cabin configuration.

  • Up to 7 passengers
  • Range up to 2770 km / 1500 nm
  • Maximum Limit Speed 0.71 Mach
Heavy jets

Heavy jets are the most suitable jet for longest range from the shortest runways.

The cabin of our business jet is unlike anything else in the industry. It was conceived to maximize passenger comfort, health and productivity, because on our aircraft we make your wellness our top priority

  • UP to 19 Passengers depending on the configuration
  • Range up to 14.800 km / 8.000 nm
  • High-speed cruise 0.90 Mach
Commercial jets

ACJ aircraft are the most luxurious jets, like the ACJ330neo. They allow you to travel from one continent to another with all the services of a luxury hotel. You can have your meetings in a suitable and comfortable area during flight hours. You also have your own private room with bathroom to arrive in the best conditions for your events.

  • Passenger capacity depends on the configuration
  • Max range 19,260 km (25 pax)    10,400 nm (25 pax)
  • Cruise speed 0.82 Mach

Choose the complementary services to your private charter flight.


We offer security services for objects and people. We have the right personnel and security equipment for all types of people (politicians, celebrities, etc.) but also for all types of valuables (gold, cash cases, weapons, etc.).


A massage, a specific dish or food? A meditation session? The craziest services are available with Serenity Airways. We organise everything onboard.


We will book everything you need before, during and after your trip: a hotel room, a taxi, a security service on land, a specific restaurant or any other service or activity.


We organise all your leisure activities : yacht, special restaurants, parachutes, unique travel places, etc.

Would you rather receive a proposal for innovative travel services & experiences? Let us know!

Our young team is innovative and will offer you the best of the most innovative and trendy experiences on the market. Let us know what kind of activity and what kind of trip you would like to have and we will make sure to send you an innovative proposal with the latest trends in travel experiences!

For who ?

  • Travelers
    Any person or group of people wishing to travel for leisure purposes. We also offer a service for travel arrangements, honeymoons, birthdays etc.
  • Celebrities & Influencers
    Celebrities and influencers can also travel on our private flights. We also offer them a high level of personal security and security for their valuables (gold, cash, etc.)
  • Business executives
    Any businessman or businesswoman or any business executive or management board. We organise private charter flights quickly and discreetly if required. A security service is also available.
  • Sport Teams
    Any sports team wishing to travel for training or sporting matches. We also have a dedicated security service for sportsmen and women.
  • Politics
    Any political person wishing to travel with security. Our private charter flights also include travel to and from sensitive areas.

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