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Cargo & transport of valuables/sensitive objects

Do you want to ship goods or valuables reliably in a short time all over the world? No other option guarantees you more security and speed than shipping by air. As a partner, we organize the complete air transport of pallets, containers and goods of all kinds as well as valuables with the necessary security.

To achieve this, Serenity Airways provides end-to-end solutions with particular attention to the economic aspect for the transportation of cargo and valuables.

For a one-shot loading or for regular charters of your goods, we will find the solution adapted to your needs.

We serve many destinations around the world including areas that are difficult to access by standard flights or sensitive areas.

Book with Serenity Airways and trust us, we will advise you on the best option. Our team will find exactly the right aircraft for your needs and will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Operations & continuous monitoring

In the case of cargo flights or flights to transport valuable goods, we ensure the planning and monitoring of the flight on a permanent basis. We coordinate all services on board, before boarding, and at destination. You can count on our diligence and precision so that everything you want is done in the best conditions.

High security standards

At Serenity Airways, we specialize in the security of objects and people during flights. We have selected profiles formerly in the commando forces & the army and we are equipped with the latest security technologies. In this way, we can carry several profiles of personalities and celebrities.

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