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Group charter flight

Group travel for a business or sports event or for a selective trip? We offer you the solution that will meet all your requirements and the size of the group. A commercial flight or a private jet flight can be arranged as needed.

We serve many destinations around the world including areas that are difficult to access by standard flights or sensitive areas.

Book with Serenity Airways and trust us, we will advise you on the best option. Our team will find exactly the right aircraft for your needs and will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

We organize your group charter

Getting a group to travel can be a challenge and certainly when the group has particularities such as size, social status etc. As a specialist in group charter solutions, we offer you the best solution and manage the operations for you to ensure a smooth trip. We have many partners all over the world and can organize the best flight for you. This way, you can travel with complete peace of mind.

360° service & business customization

With Serenity Airways, your flight can be accompanied by various à la carte services: catering, in-flight staff, massage, chef, etc. Through our concierge service you can also take advantage of a reservation service for activities, flights, cabs or any other service for your entire travel group. We can also organize the booking of exclusive hotels.

You are a company, a brand, a celebrity or a sports team? We can also adapt the entire visual identity of the aircraft, from check-in to personalizing the objects and dishes with your brand identity. You choose what your perfect trip looks like. We do it for you.

High security standards

At Serenity Airways, we specialize in the security of objects and people during flights. We have selected profiles formerly in the commando forces & the army and we are equipped with the latest security technologies. In this way, we can transport several profiles of personalities and celebrities and ensure their total security. Depending on the size and status of your group, we will select the appropriate security profiles.

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